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Laminated US Map


Laminated US Map

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Maps International's Large United States Political Wall Map with Flags is simply stunning. The large political USA wall map comes with a box of state flags to the right of the legend. Perfect for helping children learn about the United States of America and states in the news.

Map details: The large, politically colored US wall map features every state in different colors, with state boundaries shown clearly. All major towns and cities are highlighted on this USA wall map and capital cities are clearly shown. The map contains hill and sea shading bringing the map to life. The box of flags next to the legend plus the population facts and figures makes this map really interactive.

Map uses: As with most Maps International maps, the Large United States Political Wall Map with Flags is finished in a front sheet gloss lamination process making it suitable for a variety of locations. Front sheet lamination gives the map a write on wipe off finish, meaning that -- using the appropriate pen (for whiteboard use) or Chinagraph pencil -- any writing on the map can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

One of our most popular US maps - educational and sensational looking! Perfect for classrooms, and for use in family rooms.

Front sheet gloss laminated paper, one-sided wall map.
Scale: 1:4,250,000
Projection: Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
Size: 45¼" x 37½"

  • Laminated US Map

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