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Lees Ferry: Desert River Crossing

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Today Lee's Ferry is well known for its trout fishing, for its rich scenery, and as a starting point for modern day adventure seekers who raft the swift waters of the Colorado River as it winds through the depths of the Grand Canyon.Yet few visitors are aware of the colorful and varied past that highlight the history of this cliff-bound "Lonely Dell"...The ferry itself operated for 55 years as the only crossing point along 600 river miles of the Colorado with a "road" on each side. Explorers, emigrants, missionaries, promoters, ministers, writers, politicians, even notorious outlaws all helped turn Lee's Ferry into a corridor and supply point for the men and women who shaped much of the American West.More than 140 rare photographs bring to life the fascinating history of this unique area. From the first attempted, but unsuccessful crossing in 1776, to the grand opening and dedication of the newest Navajo Bridge and Interpretive Center, this book covers many of the true-life stories of courage, desperation, fortitude - and sometimes death - of the pioneers who left their mark on this rugged wilderness.A fully illustrated Tour Section is included, complete with maps and directions for those who wish to further explore the incredible beauty and history of this region first-hand. Read more RKV-AA.LeesFerryDesertRiver

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