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United States Department of Agriculture

Map: Cibola National Forest, Mt. Taylor District

$ 38.95
  • Official Forest Service map of the Cibola National Forest Mt.Taylor Ranger District where visitors can find remnants of the many historic sawmills and logging communities.
  • Year - 2011
  • Topo (Contour) Lines - No
  • Relief Shading - No
  • Material - Plastic
  • Double Sided - Yes
The Mount Taylor Ranger District is comprised of two mountain ranges, Mount Taylor and the Zuni Mountains, totaling nearly 520,000 acres of National Forest land. Elevations range from 6,500 to 11,301 feet. Mount Taylor is an area of special religious and cultural significance to several Native American communities. Mount Taylor and the Zuni Mountains are rich in cultural resources including many historic sawmills and logging community sites and logging railroad beds. The Mount Taylor Ranger District office is located in Grants. The Grants area, like much of New Mexico, is rich in history.
  • Mount Taylor includes the Hilso Mountain Bike Trail where there are 26 miles of non-motorized single track trails here to enjoy.
  • Waterproof and tear resistant material
  • Highlights recreation opportunities such as trails, campground, boat launches, and more
  • Includes official US Forest Service district office contact information to check local conditions as well as township and range section numbers
  • Land ownership boundaries (federal, state, private) are color coded
  • Printed in the U.S.A.
  • Folded Dimensions: (L" × W" × D") 9 × 4 × 0.25
  • Unfolded Dimensions: (L" × W") 40 × 27
  • Map Scale: 1/2" = 1 mile (1:126,720)
  • Two-sided, self-cover, plastic folded map.

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