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Men's Health For Dummies?

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"A ‘must read’ if you care at all about feeling well and staying well." — Ted David, CNBC Network Anchor "Inlander has boiled down tons of information to give us simple, easy-to-read rules that can make us healthier and fitter." — Victor Cohn, former Science Editor, The Washington Post Includes Great Ways to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease! Take charge of your health — and live longer and stronger! That's the message of Men's Health For Dummies®, your complete prescription for lifelong wellness. From staying fit and preventing disease to dealing with doctors and getting the right treatment, Charles B. Inlander and the People's Medical Society give you all the tools you need to feel great, look great, and live longer — starting today! Inside, you'll find life-enhancing advice on how to: Change your diet to lower your chances of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes Develop techniques to reduce stress in your life Recognize the signs of prostate disease Treat passing pains such as headaches, indigestion, colds, and flu Know which vitamins and supplements can help you — and which ones won't Cope with male pattern baldness Understand and prevent sexual problems such as infertility and sexually transmitted diseases Choose a medical plan and doctor to suit your specific needs Read more RKV-51.Men's Health For Dummies

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