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Metropolitan Tucson Arterial and Collector Streets ZIP Code Zones Desk Map Gloss Ready-to-Hang

$ 49.90

View the entire Old Pueblo metropolitan area on a single gloss laminated sheet that clearly shows the latest ZIP code boundaries. The map displays major streets (arterial streets) and intermediate streets (collector streets) and locates communities, block numbers, rivers, canals, and railways. It is popular for general reference and for locating businesses that are normally found on the arterial and collector streets. The colors are used to show the incorporated cities, making it easy to locate the official area of each city. The orange ZIP code overprint clearly shows the ZIP code boundaries and five-digit designations. The grid corresponds to the index in the Tucson "Yellow1" Street Folded Map and other Tucson map products from Phoenix Mapping Service for easy cross-reference.

Gloss Lamination features premium optically clear film which provides a high shine for dramatic color presentation. The laminated map is a convenient and useful at-a-glance reference ready for wet-erase or alcohol-erase markers, sticker dots or arrows, or graphic tape.

Ready-to-Hang maps have rails at the top and the bottom to keep the map flat against the wall with two loops on the top rail for easy hanging. A package of wall hooks and nails completes the set.

  • Ready-to-hang, two-sided gloss laminated paper, one-sided desk map.
  • Size: 17"×22"
  • New for this edition:
    • I-10 and I-19 interstate symbols have returned to the standard blue & red.
    • The Sweetwater Preserve is now on the map west of downtown.
    • The SunLink lightrail shows as a magenta line and symbols for the lightrail and lightrail stations.

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