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Indian Land Working Group

Native American Reservations Gloss Laminated

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This extremely comprehensive map shows American Indian land from the time of Columbus and projected through 2100. It also depicts tribes and reservations, including native populations. The map graphically shows the 12 Regions that are the basis for the administration and management of tribal lands by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Insets include a Native American history and a chronology of events dating back to 1492. This graphically stunning 36" × 24" map is gloss laminated and suitable for framing as wall decor in any home or office. Gloss Lamination features premium optically clear film which provides a high shine for dramatic color presentation. The map is referenced to a Roster on the ILWG website that lists the size and population of each reservation. This map should be in the hands of anyone interested in Native Americans.

The map is designed by George L. Russell, a Saginaw Chippewa. George Russell was born on the Isabella Indian Reservation near Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and is an enrolled member of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe. He attended Spring Arbor College in Michigan and moved to Phoenix, Arizona after discharge from the US Army. Russell's principal occupation was civil engineering and construction. He designed interstate freeways for Consulting Engineers for 12 years and then acquired a General Engineering contractor's license to install underground utility pipelines and build roads for 20 years, mostly on Indian reservations. In January 1990, Russell published the first Reservation map plus a book that complements the map. The Mission of Russell is to provide current information about today's 2.5 million Native Americans, 567 tribes and 314 reservations. Russell's publications are sold in over 500 retail outlets such as museum gift shops, college bookstores, map stores, et cetera.

  • Gloss laminated, one-sided wall map.
  • Size: 36" × 24"

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