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Gabelli US

North America Political Wall Map Gloss Laminated

$ 99.00

Gabelli North America Political Wall Map Gloss Laminated is a general reference political continental wall map. The political map features solid-colored nations, solid red international boundaries, and dashed red intranational boundaries. City and town symbols indicate whether it is a national capital or not as well as its relative size. Shaded relief completes the picture for both landmasses and bodies of water. As an added bonus, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) members are starred!

Gloss Lamination features premium optically clear film which provides a high shine for dramatic color presentation. The gloss laminated map is a convenient and useful at-a-glance reference ready for wet-erase or alcohol-erase markers, sticker dots or arrows, or graphic tape.

  • Gloss laminated paper, one-sided wall map.
  • Scale: 1:13M
  • Size: 27" × 35"

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