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Oahu Surfing Guide - Franko's Maps

$ 9.95

Recreational map revealing Oahu's favorite surfing locations and descriptions with detailed descriptions of both the North and South Shores. Printed on waterproof, tear-resistant, permanently folded paper. Measures 4.25 x 7" folded, opens to 14 x 21".

Side 1 shows Franko’s O’ahu Surfing Map with over 150 surfing spots are shown and described on both sides of this map. Side one shows photos of famous surfing spots, including Waimea, Bowls, Sandy Beach and more. A tribute is made to Duke Kahanamoku, the Father of Modern Day Surfing, with a turn-of-the-20th century photograph. Amongst the numerous surfing spots detailed are Makaha, Point Panic, Sandy Beach, Pounders, Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Hale’iwa. However, it is on Side two that the viewer will find the most detail, as it zooms in on the famous North Shore and the heavily visited South Shore.

Side 2 shows Franko’s O’ahu Surfing Map, North Shore and South Shore Details. The North Shore has a collection of perhaps half of the world’s top ten surfing spots. Sunset Beach, Rocky Point, Banzai Pipeline, Log Cabins, Chun’s Reef, Jocko’s, Hultin’s, and Hale’iwa are just a start. There is also a collection of photos depicting the beauty and power of North Shore surfing. There are an equal number of spots detailed on the Oahu South Shore as well including places like Point Panic, Bowls, Canoes, Queen’s, Old Man’s, Suicides, Cliffs, Sandy Beach and Makapu’u. The road map shows the viewer how to get to these spots as well.


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