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Pacific Coast Highway: 2,066 Miles from Olympia to Tijuana (Purple Book)

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Route 101, the Pacific Coast Highway, commissioned in 1926, follows the path taken by the first Spanish explores of the West Coast, and incorporates El Camino Real, the historic thoroughfare built to link California's twenty-one missions. In some areas, reconstruction and freeway development have diverted the modern 101 from its old alignment; but this book traces the original road, providing detailed directions and mileage for drivers.The layout will be similar to the one used in Nick Freeth's Route 66: Main Street USA. A prologue, outlining the Pacific Coast Highway's pre-twentieth century history, is followed by chapters giving a comprehensive guide to each section of the toad (traveling north-south). These examine 101's natural beauty that has made it what it is. Every chapter includes features focusing on places of special interest; and there will also be Voice of the Road spreads profiling the highway's key personalities, as well as numerous quotations from authors, poets and songwriters who have been inspired by it. Specially created maps will parallel the text, and the book concludes with an extensive resources section, giving contact addresses and website details for road-related organizations and en route attractions. RKV-99.Pacific Coast Highway

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