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Wide World Maps & MORE!

Reading the World

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This program includes the 5 components of reading at the primary level as identified by the NRP: Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Vocabulary Comprehension, and Alphabetic Principle (Phonics).

Reading the World includes:
* Large Reading the World lap book (11" x 15"; 48 pages)
* Comprehensive Literacy and Social Studies Teaching Guide (8.5" x 11"; 32 pages)
* Fun and Engaging Activity Sheets (8.5" x 11"; 20 pages)

Teachers' Guides and Student Activities Include:
* Historical background- develops the overall historical perspective by examining each event's background, detailing each event, helping students undersatnd why the event took place, who was involved, where and how the outcome influenced later events
* Lessons- copy masters
* A narrative map - placing each event into a geographic context.
* Vocabulary
* Discussion questions
* Internet/websites- selected sites for research.

  • 48 page Reading the World atlas.
  • 32 page Reading the World Vistas Guide booklet.
  • 20 page Reading the World Activity Sheets booklet.

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