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Recreation Map of Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, & Lake Havasu Gloss Laminated

$ 9.99

Recreation Map of Lake Mead * Lake Mohave & Lake Havasu Including Hoover Dam, Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the Parker Strip Gloss Laminated is a handy waterproof map to three Colorado River reservoirs in northwestern Arizona, USA. One side provides an inset each of Lake Mohave and Lake Havasu. The other side provides an inset each of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

Each lake map inset provides topographic contours, hiking trails, camping areas, picnicking areas, swimming areas, ranger stations, marinas, boat launches, ferries, river channel milage from the lake's dam, and airstrips. Sidebars provide buoy information and illustrations, boating safety tips, facilities table, and general information for each lake.

The Hoover Dam inset provides an illustration of the dam from downriver, an illustrated cross section, and a Hoover Dam general information sidebar.

  • Gloss laminated paper, self-cover, two-sided map.
  • Size:
    • Folded = 4" × 9"
    • Unfolded = 18" × 31½"
  • topographic map to the three lakes with channel milage from each dam
  • Gloss Lamination features premium optically clear film which provides a high shine for dramatic color presentation.

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