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The great retreat: The Nez Perces war in words and pictures - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Book - Brand: Chronicle Books - Wide World Maps & MORE!

Brand: Chronicle Books

The great retreat: The Nez Perces war in words and pictures

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"Hear me my chiefs. I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I shall fight nor more forever." These famous words by chief Joseph marked the end of one of the most tragic Indian wars on this continent. They were spoken just a century ago and marked the end of an era. Certainly the end of the utopian life of the Nez Perces tribe. The Nez Perces had lived for as long as their recorded history in a beautiful and hospitable land surrounded by majestic mountains, in what are now the states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington. They believed that each individual had a personal responsibility to leave the world as intact and unspoiled as he or she had found it. Their dealings with each other were based on trust and mutual respect. So they welcomed the first white men, who spoke so glibly of peace and love. With the coming of permanent settlers and missionaries came conflicting concepts of private property and man's nature. The conflict inevitably led to war. the unbelievable course of that war and its ultimate resolution are chronicled in this book. While its best known character is Joseph, the Peace chief, there are others equally impressive whose stories are told: Chief Looking Glass, Ollokut and Poker Joe. As well as O. O. Howard, the "Bible General". The written text is augmented and enhanced with evocative photographs, many taken before the turn of the century, and some contemporaneous with the Nez Perces War. they show the Nez Perces way of life, and there are also photographs of the battlegrounds, taken soon after the military action occurred. At a time of resurgence of interest in America's Indian heritage, and reassessment of traditional 'virtues', the story of the Nez Perces becomes more than the history of a brave and ill-fated venture against overwhelming odds. It is a classic example of two value systems in conflict. Pascal Tchakmakian is an American writer, artist and playwright whose work is well known in the U.S. and France. Read more RKV-4.TheGreatRetreat

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