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The Porcelain Art of Edward Marshall Boehm - Wide World Maps & MORE!


The Porcelain Art of Edward Marshall Boehm

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Edward Marshall Boehm (1913 – 1969) was an American figurative expressionist sculptor, known for his porcelain figures of birds and other wildlife. Boehm explained his choice of porcelain as the medium for his art as follows: "Porcelain is a permanent creation. If properly processed and fired, its colors will never change; and it can be subjected to extreme temperatures without damage. It is a medium in which one can portray the everlasting beauty of form and color of wildlife and nature." He and his wife founded an eponymous company, E.M. Boehm Studios, in 1950. Boehm kept a large collection of exotic birds in extensive aviaries and tropical houses at his home in Trenton. These birds became some of the subjects and inspiration for his sculptures. Many of these species were successfully bred; approximately 12 were recognized as being for the first time in captivity anywhere in the world. For these breeding successes Edward Boehm received a number of commemorative medals and plaques. Read more RKV-110.PorcelainArt

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