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Thunder Bay Press

The Timeline History of Mormonism

$ 18.95
For those outside of the faith, Mormonism remains mysterious. Get the facts about this fascinating church, its history, culture and people in the Timeline History of Mormonism.• This chronological overview explores Mormonism over the centuries, from 4000 B.C. through the life and death of Jesus to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and into the 21st century.• Comprehensive running timelines put the history of Mormonism into context with other key events of the day.• Colorful spreads detail key historical periods, basic beliefs, key prophets and temples, notable members of the Mormon faith and the modern Church’s expansion around the world.• Mormon history and culture come to life through hundreds of color photographs, paintings, maps, charts and more. Fold-out flaps offer close-up views of major artifacts and important people and places. nsi-TimelineMormon

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