R.I.P. Robert Molner, founder of Wide World of Maps, Inc.
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The Waypointer


The Waypointer

$ 14.99

Five Latitude/Longitude scales that provide a quick and simple means of reading & plotting coordinates on maps. Clearly defined accurate scales & slots by each scale make it the best scale on the market for plotting & measuring Latitude and Longitude coordinates. Slots by each scale allow position to be marked on the map.

7.5' topographic map series = 1:24,000 scale
15' topographic map series = 62,500 scale
60' x 30' topographic map series = 1:100,000 scale
2 degree x 1 degree topographic map series = 1:250,000
United States Forest Service map series = 1:126,720

  • Made of Durable 0.030" Vinyl Plastic
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Clearly Defined Scales

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