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The Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Book - Bloomfield Press - Wide World Maps & MORE!

Bloomfield Press

The Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide

$ 9.99

The whole world has gun rights
and we have a lot to learn from each other!

The struggle to protect the precious human right to keep and bear arms is a global fight. It is being waged against vicious anti-rights bigotry that quietly flourishes internationally. The days of hiding this anti-rights agenda are over.

The idea that the U.S. is the only nation with a strong gun culture with many tens of millions of supporters is untrue. That myth is promoted by people who want to hide the truth from you. Gun owners are active and dedicated worldwide. You should get in touch with this important side of the gun-rights debate!

All nations have gun rights on the books.

They all have ranges and stores and clubs.

Many have gun policies that exceed America's gun policies, from which we can all learn and grow.

The Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide unlocks a hidden truth about gun ownership; it is so fundamental a human right that it exists and is honored worldwide. That's despite efforts by bad governments and the UN to shut it down or pretend it doesn't even exist, to keep their citizens under control.

The Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide is a game-changer that will open your eyes.

* Who can have guns * How to obtain firearms * What firearms are legal *
* Ammunition, suppressors, full-autos, handloading, and special weapons *
* Where you can shoot * Local color, history, background, and travel tips *
* Clubs, contacts and the local scene * Pricing and availability too! *

  • See the laws, gun cultures, rankings, and prices for 64 nations!
  • Many have gun policies that exceed America's, from which we can all learn and grow.
  • This book belongs in your gun-book library.
  • Your understanding of guns and gun rights is about to change.
  • Nothing like it has ever been published before!
  • Paperback

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