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TOPO! National Geographic USGS Topographic Maps (Arizona)

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TOPO! harnesses the power of authentic USGS topographic maps in an intuitive software product that recreation enthusiasts and professionals use to customize and print photo-quality topographic maps. TOPO! includes five levels of seamless mapping, including USA maps from the National Geographic World Atlas, USGS 1:100,000 scale mapping - perfect for back road navigation - and USGS 1:24,000 scale maps, also known as 7.5 minute quads. Users can custom-center the map in any location, add their routes, trails and notes. In addition, users can transfer waypoints and routes between TOPO! and their GPS units. TOPO! includes added content and features not on USGS maps: updated streets and roads, shaded relief, 3D views and fly-throughs and elevation profiles. Users can download map and software updates, and can print waterproof maps on their inkjet printers with Adventure Paper. The USA Placefinder locates more than a million places and natural features. TOPO! State Series takes the hassle out of finding detailed maps for your next outdoor adventure. Each title contains thousands of high-resolution scans of authentic USGS 7.5' topographic maps. All maps are seamless, and easily printed from your home printer. Add trails, notes, symbols, photos and more with the easy-to-use map creation tools. A 3D mode enables you to preview your route and tour the landscape. Tell your GPS where to go, or download where you've been, with TOPO!s intuitive GPS import/export tool which is compatible with most devices from Garmin, Magellan and more. Take the guess work out of trip planning and calculate true terrain distances and view detailed elevation profiles. TOPO! State Series is available for all 50 U.S States and is both Mac and PC compatible. Browse 5 Levels of Seamless Detailed Maps TOPO! gives you five levels of map detail, from two National Geographic Atlas maps to a USGS 1:24,000 scale (7.5') seamless topographic map--the most detailed outdoor recreation maps available. Maps include: Two National Geographic Atlas Maps, for a State perspective. USGS 1:500,000 scale maps, highlights public lands. USGS 1:100,000 Scale Topographic Maps, Mid-scale topos perfect for planning long trips. USGS 1:24,000 Scale Topographic Maps, the most detailed terrain maps available. TOPO! maps are full color, high resolution scans of authentic USGS topographic maps, providing the best image quality available. Create and Print Your Own Custom Trail Maps Create your own trail maps or keep a detailed journal of our outdoor activities with TOPO!'s easy-to-use map creation tools. Add text, detailed notes, photos, symbols, waypoints, compass headings and more. Customized maps are easily saved for future updates, printing, or sharing with friends. TOPO! was designed to make printing great maps at home hassle-free. Simply center the area you wish to print, select your page size (including support for plotters) and orientation (portrait v. landscape) and print. Users looking for more advanced printing options will find support for setting specific scales, adding coordinate grids and magnetic declination, including elevation profiles of your routes, even printing adjoining maps. Tell Your GPS Where to Go! Using TOPO!'s route tool, simply draw your path on the detailed maps and upload via your GPS manufacturer's computer connection cable (not supplied). Then hit the trail! Looking to save your adventures or create detailed maps of your favorite park? Use your GPS receiver's track log feature to collect a "bread-crumb" trail of your path. Simply import, and TOPO! will display your path on the detailed maps, ready for your editing and customization. TOPO!'s import/export GPS features are compatible with nearly all devices from Garmin and Magellan, plus select Suunto Wrist-top computers, Lowrance, and Eagle devices. Magellan Triton GPS receivers can also import and display map data! View Your Trip in 3D and Calculate Exact Distances TOPO! features an intuitive 3D view, enabling you to tilt, pan, and fly through the landscape, providing the perfect perspective for visualizing your route and the surrounding terrain. Coupled with the accurate tools for measuring true terrain distances and slope, and determining elevations, geographic coordiantes and compass headings (accounting for magnetic declination), TOPO! gives you the information necessary for navigating the outdoors safely. Packed with Additional Features Navigation and outdoor pros will a myriad of advanced features to meet their unique needs. Maps from TOPO! can be easily exported for use in other software applications or printed on plotters. TOPO! supports import of the popular GPX file format, as well as delimited text files for parsing lists of coordinate data. Advanced search features enable you to find items of a specific type within a distance radius and instantly create waypoints for them--for example: springs within a mile of camp, summits within two miles of basecamp, or landing strips within 50 miles of the trailhead. Stay up-to-date with TOPO!'s built in LiveMap Update utility, enabling you to download new maps or software updates as they become available.About TOPO! Arizona TOPO! Arizona is one of 28 different TOPO! State Series titles, contains 1 DVD and is compatible with both Mac and PC (Including the latest operating systems). TOPO! Arizona contains over 2,700 seamless USGS 1:24,000 scale (7.5') topographic maps, covering the entire State. About National Geographic Maps Founded in 1915 as the Cartographic Group, the first division of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Maps has been responsible for illustrating the world around us through the art and science of mapmaking for nearly 100 years. Today, National Geographic Maps continues this mission by creating the world s best wall maps, recreation maps, atlases, and globes which inspire people to care about and explore their world. All proceeds from the sale of National Geographic maps go to support the Society s non-profit mission to increase global understanding and promote conservation of our planet through exploration, research, and education.

  • Print photo quality USGS topographic maps
  • GPS Ready - Easiest Way to tell your GPS where you want to go and record where you've been
  • Navigate in three dimensions with 3D fly-thru and instant elevation profiling
  • Customize maps with photos, notes and icons
  • Live Map Update ensures you always have the most current maps and software

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