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Tucson Central Corridor Full-Size Paper, Non-Laminated

$ 94.95

This completely updated color full detail wall map was prepared with digital accuracy and displays impressively on any wall. An excellent tool for any business needing a detailed view of the central corridor. The map's boundaries are Ina Road on the north, Old Vail Connection Road on the south, Camino De Oeste on the west, and Wilmot Road on the east.

This 1:40,000-scale map shows freeways & expressways, under construction freeways & expressways, Interstate highways, U.S. highways, state highways, county highways, Native America Indian routes, exit numbers, mobile home parks, private access gates, trailheads, undeveloped streets, major canals, dikes & levees, address alignment numbers, and much, much MORE!

This paper map can be marked up with highlighters, sticker dots and arrows, or graphic tape for locations, areas, and zones.

Paper, one-sided wall map.
Size: 24" × 36"

  • South of Ina Road
  • East of Camino De Oeste
  • West of Wilmot Road
  • North of Old Vail Connection Road

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