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Turkey Travel Reference Map 1:1,100,000

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Turkey is a fascinating country; so much potential, and seemingly unable to focus on progress as opposed to ideology. Touristically, the country is quite safe, but internal politics are as divided here as in Egypt (and seemingly every Muslim country) between secularists (if it is proper to call them that) who want a ‘normal’ country with a division between secular and religious affairs and those wanting a more traditional religious society where religious values shape the society. Our first edition sold out in a little more than a year, which is pretty amazing in itself, and we have made major improvements to this edition to maintain its popularity. The biggest change is that we have more strongly emphasized the major road network, as most visitors stay on the well-travelled routes around the country, rather than taking back roads to small villages. The second change has been to increase the font size for major urban areas, to make them easier to read. Turkey is a very large country geographically and there is no way cartographically to overcome the spatial relationships of the east-west stretch to the north-south relative shortness. If we have erred, it is on the side of detail, but for anyone driving around the country, such detail is essential.
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  • 2nd Edition (June 27, 2013)
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