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United States Base Map Gloss Laminated

$ 48.65

96 x 154 centermeter gloss laminated wall map is published at 1:3,168,00-scale (1 inch equals 50 miles). This Edition of 1965" features municipal corporate limits for cities over 500,000 population based on the 1980 census. Gloss Lamination features premium optically clear film which provides a high shine for dramatic color presentation.

Includes 6 insets: Alaska. Scale 1:12,672,000 -- Guam. Scale 1:633,600 -- Principal islands of Hawaii. Scale 1:6,336,000 -- American Samoa. Scale 1:633,600 -- Canal Zone. Same scale as main map -- Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Same scale as main map -- and 1 location map. Scale unidentified.


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