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Benchmark Maps

2000 Washington Road & Recreation Atlas (Archival Copy)

$ 28.95

Continuing a new standard of mapmaking, Benchmark's Washington Road & Recreation Atlas offers a readily understood and clear picture of the road network in the state. Its regional scale (three miles to an inch or 1:200,000) suits the speed of travel by car, even on meandering back roads. The Washington Road & Recreation Atlas uses a color-coded "hierarchy" to effectively distinguish the main highways and through roads from backcountry and minor public and private roads.

Benchmark field checkers visited every county in Washington, driving over 30,000 miles, to verify the accuracy of the maps and information. They interviewed state and county road officials, Park and Forest Service rangers, State Park officials, and other government sources to gather and verify field data. They crisscrossed Washington's roads searching out the kind of information travelers seek most.

The atlas features 80 pages of award-winning Landscape Maps and a separate 22-page Recreation Guide with a full complement of recreation categories. The Recreation Guide has its own set of new maps with complete public land information. A special Seattle Metropolitan Recreation Guide with an enlarged map and expanded recreation categories is also included.

Whether planning a short day trip into a city or an extended road trip along the coast, be sure to take along Benchmark's Washington Road & Recreation Atlas, featuring Landscape Maps...from the atlas series acclaimed as the most accurate, useful, and beautiful ever published.

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