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Assorted Topographic Raised Relief Maps

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Assorted Topographic Raised Relief Maps

$ 45.00

3-dimensional maps of most of the mountainous regions of the Western USA. Each USGS topographic map covers 2° longitude and 1° latitude. That is about 100 miles east to west and 70 miles north to south, depending on the latitude of the map.

USGS maps use raised relief and are a truly exceptional visual and tactile reference. They are appropriate for real estate offices, travel agencies, outdoor enthusiasts, and classroom use. You will be proud to display one of these raised relief maps in any setting.

  • Projection: Transverse Mercator
  • Horizontal Scale: 1:250k
  • Vertical Scale: 1:125k
  • Vertical Exaggeration: 2:1
  • Size: 31" x 21"

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