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Fists Full Of Gold

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Yes, it is true that you can prospect for and find your own gold because it is still out there! The title of this book is Fists Full of Gold because that is what the author believes it can bring you. This new book is the most comprehensive prospecting book ever written. It's very different from what is on the market already. Its focus is to teach you how to find gold deposits, both placer and hard rock. There is a huge amount of information here that is just simply not available in any other prospecting book. It has plenty of basic coverage for new prospectors but lots of material for those guys who have some experience and want to learn more, plus even more advanced information for prospectors with decades of experience. It is up to date with all the latest technology and science. This book takes a unique and different approach in teaching the trade skills of prospecting it covers not just equipment, but the knowledge you really need to find those locations with recoverable gold. This information is important because in the final analysis--no matter how well you operate your dredge, metal detector, or other prospecting equipment--unless you can find the deposits where the gold is concentrated, your equipment cannot help you recover it. It's designed to be the one prospecting book you will never outgrow. It's quite a reference: more than 360 pages long with over 225,000 words. That makes it longer by far than any other prospecting book written for individuals; longer than any 2 or 3 of them combined! In spite of this, it's all written for the average individual who does not have any formal training in geology or mining. Fists Full Of Gold is a handbook of all types of gold prospecting with a very complete and up-to-date section on nugget detecting, as well as dry washing, and even other topics like panning, slucing, dredging, etc. The book covers minerals, geology, and how to do your own research in an understandable way that is not just for rank beginners. Many guys with 10 or even 20 years of experience looking for gold will learn a lot from this book. My book is different because it is brand new and up to date, explaining all the latest metal detector technology, current geologic knowledge, how to use GPS in prospecting, how to use the internet for research, and other items of interest. Some of the highlights of the information contained in the book include:
The basics of prospecting and finding gold, including:

  1. The fact that there is lots of gold still out there to be found
  2. How to use a gold pan, including crevicing, mossing, and sniping for gold
  3. How to get the best recovery out of your sluice box or highbanker
  4. How to use a suction dredge to find and recover paystreaks
  5. How to operate a dry washer for gold
  6. An extensive section on metal detecting, perhaps the best on the market
  7. Building your own equipment: including building your own:
    1. Portable sluice box
    2. Lightweight suction dredge
    3. Desert dry washer
  8. How to operate a small scale commercial mining operation
  9. How to deal with and get the most out of your black sands
  10. How to get the best prices for your gold, specimens, and nuggets
  11. A full coverage of the geology of gold and silver mineral deposits:
  12. All about minerals and how to identify them
  13. Minerals associated with gold deposits
  14. Rocks: what they are and how to identify them
  15. Basic geology for the prospector in an understandable form
  16. A detailed explanation of placer geology and how paystreaks form
  17. A detailed explanation of hard rock geology and how gold deposits form
  18. How to recognize many types of hard rock gold and silver deposits
  19. How to do research to find your own rich concentrations of gold.
  20. Using and understanding topographic maps, aerial photos, and GPS,
  21. Where to find little known sources of information on gold deposits,
  22. How to use geology maps to find gold.
  • Paperback
  • 362 pages

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