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Out of the Ruins. Pioneer Life In Frontier Phoenix, Arizona territory 1867-1881

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Out of the Ruins. Pioneer Life In Frontier Phoenix, Arizona territory 1867-1881

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The emergence of towns on the western frontier was the harbinger of advancing civilization. The settlement experience was a daunting challenge in the middle of the Sonoran Desert along the Salt River. Yet, out of the ruins of the Hohokam civilization the early pioneers of Phoenix created an agricultural oasis in a few short years.

Out of the Ruins chronicles in depth for the first time the many dimensions of life in frontier Phoenix from its founding in 1867 to incorporation in 1881. Readers will meet such fascinating characters as Jack Swilling, John Alsap, Jesus Otero, and William Hancock. The love story of George and Aggie Loring is timeless. Gunfights and lynchings were a part of town life in early Phoenix. From the merchants of Washington Street to homesteaders along the canals; from County Sheriffs to the first City Marshal, Enrique Garfias -- this is the story of how Mexican and Anglo settlers created this desert town through persistence, perseverance, sacrifice, hard work, and leadership.

Patterns established in those early years are still with us today. The original Phoenix Townsite is the core of downtown Phoenix. Street grid patterns dominate the region's landscape. And the need to control and manage water remains vital to the survival of this current civilization. These frontier stories provide us with a valuable perspective on life in the desert.

  • Phoenix Homesteaders Master List
  • Phoenix Townsite Map

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